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twenty two?

Posted on 2010.05.26 at 05:12
Current Location: Richmond Va
I have a new live journal that I started I wanna say a year ago, but this one has so many old entries that I want to update this one, it seems more beneficial.

So I started this thing when I was 15 or 16 and now I'll be 22 in a matter of days. I feel really stupid for half the shit I wrote in here but I guess I was 15 and on a lot of drugs and into a lot of stupid, and I do mean STUPID these. Now life is the furthest thing from what I expected, not in necessarily a good or bad way, just an unexpected way. Over the past six years I've graduated high school, moved to Georgia, got engaged, dropped out of college, started stripping, fell face first back into drugs, got un-engaged, moved to richmond virginia, kept stripping, got back into school, dropped out again, kept doing hard drugs, went to rehab, got back into school for the third time, and am working my way out of drugs. Jesus. I never expected life to go this way. I should be graduated from college and at least looking for a job. Rather, Im still dancing, making great money though, struggling to get my GPA up and sustain a life. I can't believe how fast this flew by. I have days that I wish i were 16 again just to be able to relive the lack of responsibility and fun. I mean I'm happy to be an adult but I just wish I could've seen how easy I had it. Reading back through these old posts makes me realize that god I was a whiney bitch. Things weren't that hard. It was never the end of the world. I wish that I had known that and just taken it in stride and enjoyed it. Finally though I feel like Im getting my shit together. It might have taken six years but, better late than never.

By the way, tomorrow, Austin Texas!

Posted on 2008.09.30 at 10:07
i finally got a new lj, add me if you wanna stay in touch



Posted on 2008.05.13 at 19:49

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Posted on 2008.05.05 at 20:48

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Posted on 2008.04.19 at 21:49
I am so in love.

obligatory every so often post.

Posted on 2008.04.13 at 19:14
Ok, so X everything i said in the last post. since that last post, a lots changed.

I changed my major to advertising design, still live in this gorgeous house in Savannah, but i fucking hate my roommates.

Belle's turned into this pretentious, conceited, arrogant, pot head who thinks he's better than everyone else. why exactly i have no idea. He is such a fucking asshole. i have never hated someone so much in my entire life. the last huge fight we had was probably the stupidest fight i've ever had. Someone shit in his toilet and it clogged it. so he, being an accusatory dick, naturally blames my friends that i had over. heaven forbid any of his friends had to shit. anyway.... the nastiest thing I've ever seen. and i refused to clean it cause its not my problem and it wasn't my friends. so we get into this huge fight and I'm so sick of sugar coating shit so it doesn't hurt his feelings. he doesn't hold back, so fuck it, why should I? so it ended up with us screaming at each other and me, in the end, asking to get off the lease. His parents are our landlords and they're just as fucking money-hungry and obnoxious as he is, maybe even more so, so i doubt they'll let me off the lease. but I'm trying. If I have to live here for another 4 months, I'll fucking kill him, no doubt. Anyway, so thats that. and were not speaking or even acknowledging each others presence. I hope that asshole gets a reality check soon and realizes that mommy and daddy won't always be there to pay for his shit and make sure he lives this plush fucking hipster life. He hasn't worked a single day of his life for anything he owns, his parents get him out of all "trouble" he gets himself into by bribing the fucking police, and I' pretty sure all five of his fucking bikes cost more than a years rent for me.

but to end this on a good note, i finally did my first suspension and it was incredible, but on an even better note, i got engaged to the most amazing man i could ask for.

here are some
PICTURES! to fill you inCollapse )

Posted on 2007.09.10 at 19:59
its been a while since I've even thought about livejournal. But sure why not

This year im a sophmore at SCAD and I just declared as a photography major with a graphic desgin minor. Life seems to going pretty well. I'm living in a gorgeous house in the south side of the city of savannah with Belle and Chad. I have an amazing boyfriend, new classes, new friends, and a new year to make up for last year.

and a new kitten named Kazee

Posted on 2006.08.13 at 21:45

thats whats up, nigga!

dear catherine,
stop leaving your gayjournal up on corrines compooter.

Posted on 2006.05.26 at 10:43

so tommorows my birthday

another day another year, and my last birthday at home 

up until today ive been really excited and anxious and doing the stereotypical count down thing [ 1 day ] until the 27th but now im actually its not that im <b>not</b> looking forward to it, i just feel less excited... wierd?

i dont actually know what the fuck im doing yet cause its all a huge mess and people suck                                   a lot.

so my parents gave me my camera [ originally my graduation presnt, which is june 15th] , early. and thats my present. i mean im really gratefull, its an amazing camera, its just kinda sad. my grandmothers in town and my parents are taking her to the theater and i guess i wont see them on my birthday =/

i dont know, if you wanna come or hang out call me

Posted on 2006.05.19 at 13:59
Happy Birthday 

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